November 2021

In Process

Fix Photography Collective
Glasgow Art Club

Now open - ‘In-Process’ , a group exhibition with Joy Gregory, Jess Holdengarde, myself and Christina McBride. The exhibition coincides with COP26

29 Oct - 4 Dec 2021
Glasgow Art Club

As part of the ‘Art of the Possible’ programme, a collaboration between The Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow Art Club , the work of Fix Photography Collective is exhibited at the Glasgow Art Club.

FIX Photography Collective is an artist-run collective founded by Christina McBride and Jess Holdengarde in Glasgow. The collective aims to bring together a community of lens-based practitioners who share a commitment to analogue processes, a concern for the natural environment and a commitment to expand innovative and more sustainable processes and materials within photography.

‘In-Process’ brings together the work of four artists from across the UK whose practices question and expand the role of photography in relation to a wider discourse around landscape, the environment and issues of sustainability.

The works explore a range of media which utilise natural materials and components of the landscape. With the use of flowers, vegetables, seaweed and plant-based materials the artists present alternative methods and processes of creating photographic images. Through invention, method and light, these works consider the photograph in a landscape of ecological ruin and question the role of photography in a changing world.

The exhibition is part of the ‘Close Of Play: Climate Emergency and Creative Action’ series, organised by GSA to respond to COP26 in Glasgow. FIX will host one month of activities which includes an online panel discussion 3 Dec ‘Sustaining a photographic practice in an ecological crisis’.

To The Edge Of Time, Exhibition
Leuven University Library, Belgium

I am pleased to show works from my Ancient Light series as part of ”To The Edge Of Time” at Leuven University Library. My work will be shown alongside Katie Paterson, semiconductor and original diagrams by Professor Georges Lemaître. This exhibition has been curated by Prof, Thomas Hertog and Hannah Redler Hawes.

Dates: 22 October 2021 to 16 January 2022.

“This exhibition reveals the riveting story of scientific discovery behind the Big Bang theory, from Albert Einstein’s revolutionary theory of general relativity (aka the birth of modern cosmology) to Georges Lemaître’s discovery of an expanding universe and Stephen Hawkings’ quantum theory and the multiverse. On top of that, a whole host of other scientists from all over the world share their contributions to our present understanding of the cosmos.

 ‘To the Edge of Time’ illustrates the congruence of modern and contemporary works of art and scientific objects, depicting the key stages of the Big Bang theory and modern cosmology’s development. It sheds light on concepts such as space, time, dimensions, geometry, and the size of the universe. Not only that, the very conditions of our existence, our processes of observation, illusion, truth, and the unfathomable nature of reality all come to the fore throughout the exhibition. This exhibition is the product of a collaboration between KU Leuven cosmologist Thomas Hertog – long-time collaborator of the late Stephen Hawking – and independent curator, Hannah Redler Hawes.”

Submerged Landscapes Feature
Mnngful Stories 

“Submerged Landscapes” has been featured on Mnngful Stories, with a review by artist and writer Zak Dimitrov. This project comprises a series of photographs exploring the area around Thanet which is likely to be submerged by rising sea levels. When producing these images, I was keen to use sustainable photographic processes and the materiality of the sea within the work. 

Lunar Portraits
Turner Contemporary Open

MargateThree photographs from my “Lunar Portraits” series will be shown at the Turner Contemporary Open, Margate from 23 October 2021 to 20 February 2022. After living in Thanet for three years, it is a great honour to be part of this show, formed of Kent based artists. 

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This month I am offering two Patreon postcards, that are reproductions of chemigrams created using homemade rosemary and mint tea developer.

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