March 2021 News

Welcome to my March 2021 newsletter.

I have been busy this month, working on my Origin Of Silver (Arts Council England) and Submerged Landscapes ( Commissions. You can find out more about these projects as they progress, on my Patreon page.

Solargraph Pinhole Camera Workshop
South London Gallery

The Spring Equinox is approaching! Why not make a solargraph camera with me online with the South London Gallery to mark the occasion?

As the workshop takes place at 5.30pm GMT on 18 March it will be suitable for participants living in the USA, Canada, México, South America, Europe and the UK.

Visit the South London Gallery website here.

Stable/Unsustainable Talk and Exhibition
London Alternative Photography Collective
Format Festival 21

Unstable/Sustainable is a re-invented exhibition. It was originally staged at Format Festival by the London Alternative Photography Collective in 2015. This earlier exhibition included a number of photographic works, which gradually changed chemically during the course of the exhibition. For the 2021 edition of Unstable at Format Festival, all exhibited works will be produced using sustainable photographic processes. Within the LAPC’s Sustainable Darkroom research project, we have been working with a number of ephemeral photography processes which are notoriously difficult to fix.

Photography has a fixation with permanence, which doesn’t exist to the same degree within other art forms. Now that photography is becoming more of an interdisciplinary field, is it always necessary to stabilise our images? In this new era of biodegradable materials, is it not more sensible to create work that can be recycled?

Online Exhibition: New Art City
Online Talk - 28 March.
Physical Exhibition: TBC

Arts & Health Hub
Conference on Care

On 22 May, I will be participating in the Arts & Health Hub Conference On Care. In addition to my practice, I will also be discussing the challenging route to my practice faced as a working class female. You can find out more about the conference on the conference eventbrite page.

A description of the conference is below:

“We’re pleased to announce that the Arts & Health Hub will be hosting its first online conference in partnership with London Arts and Health on May 22nd.

Our conference is one of Creativity & Wellbeing Week’s key events focusing on the theme of care. This one-day online conference brings together an exciting mixture of interdisciplinary speakers, from artists, medics and researchers, discussing and sharing works on themes of care. Each speaker brings a unique perspective and reflections on how we care for ourselves, care for others and care for the world that we live in.

The Arts & Health Hub is a supportive, non-competitive network for artists and cultural producers (curators etc) interested or working in the field of arts and health. Our 3 principles are to connect with one another, learn from one another and share with one another. The Hub is open to artists from all backgrounds, communities, experiences and qualifications.”

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This months’ Patreon postcard for £10+ patrons is a reproduction of my Orion Nebula photograph, produced in Goa, India.


Orion Nebula, Goa, India, 2015
Solargraph, Cork, Ireland, 2019.

Pegwell Bay, Sea Spinach Anthotype, 2021. Submerged Landscapes, 2021.

Recycling silver from photographic fixative, using electrolysis. Origin of Silver, 2021.

Using Format