February 2021 News

ITV Creates Commission

I am pleased to announce a commission by ITV to produce an ident in collaboration with Professor Lucie Green. Myself and Lucie produced a cyanotype using ultraviolet light, a form of light which is produced by the Sun. As Lucie has been working on the European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter mission, we were inspired to use shapes found within the Solar Orbiter craft to form the logo. Part of the ident was filmed at Airbus Stevenage. The ident will be screened for the entire month of February 2021, with multiple scenes unfolding each week. For each month of the year, a different artist will create an ITV Ident in collaboration with a professional from a different discipline. These idents are produced by ITV’s creative agency, ITV Creative and curator Charline Levine. You can find out more on the ITV website.

Logo Design: Emma Falconer
Curator: Charlie Levine
Photographer: Theo Deproost

Origin of Silver
Arts Council England Project Grant

I have been successful for an Arts Council England project grant, in collaboration with Leah-Nani Alconcel from the University of Birmingham.
“The Origin Of Silver” is a project researching the materiality of silver, from the production of silver within the cosmos, extraction from Earth and its uses within our society. This project focuses on silver use in photography, suggesting methods of using the material that is less harmful to the environment. One part of the project will be looking into creating becquerel daguerreotypes using reclaimed silver from fixative. More details to come as the project progresses

Mural Commission

I have been commissioned by Mural to produce a new series ”Submerged Landscapes”. According to the Climate Central app, Thanet is likely to become an island again within the next decade. Submerged Landscapes is an ongoing project where I am documenting the affected areas before they are submerged, using the materiality of the sea within the production of the work. I will be using seaweed, sea spinach and salt water to produce photographic images. The project will be launched via Mural in May 2021. You can see a detailed breakdown of areas in Kent predicted to be affected by sea level rise on the Kent Live website.

Energy Systems
Well Projects

Myself and Louise Beer have produced a text for Energy Systems, produced by Well Projects Margate. 

“Reflecting on recent ecological shifts at both local and global scales, Energy Systems explores the systems that dominate global infrastructure and the consequences of connectivism under late capitalism; probing correlations between the worldwide drive for connectivity and the emergence of severe environmental rifts.

Energy Systems seeks to find ways of replacing ‘network’ orientated capital accumulation and socio environmental exploitation with ‘metabolisms’ which are orientated toward reciprocal models of coexistence. Through newly commissioned and existing text works by 19 artists and academics, Energy Systems explores a new architecture of values and begins to build stepping stones toward addressing the systemic alienation of the environment.”

Upcoming Online Workshops

Between February and March 2021, I will be running a number of online workshops surrounding sustainable and environmental photography processes. See below for my upcoming public workshops, all taking place via Zoom. Following this series of workshops, I will limit the amount of workshops I run in 2021, in order to focus on recent commissions and writing commitments.

13th February 10AM GMTCaffenol Paper Developer With Land Art Agency. £35

20 February 10AM GMT - Solargraph Camera Making Workshop with An Lanntair £4

23rd February 6.30PM GMTSeaweed Film Developer With Land Art Agency. £35

2nd March 6.30PM GMT - Anthotype. With Land Art Agency. £35

9th March 10AM GMTCaffenol Paper Developer With Land Art Agency. £35

21st March 10AM GMTSeaweed Film Developer With Land Art Agency. £35

Upcoming Events

Lumen Studios - On 25 Feb at 4pm GMT / 9.30pm Mumbai time, Jaya Ramchandani will discuss her work with “The Story of… Light”, “The Story of … Space” and her new project “We Learn We Grow”. Check the Lumen Studios website for info and tickets. 

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