April 2022

Seeing Stars
From 27 April to 30 July 2022, I will be exhibiting “Ancient Light” at Seeing Stars“  The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds University. 

We have had a long lasting fascination with outer space: from ancient civilisations who saw stories in the stars, to modern day technology bringing us closer than ever to the cosmos. This exhibition shines a light on contemporary artists who use and challenge the newest technologies for space imaging in their art practice. Modern science today gives us spectacular astronomical images. However, have these eclipsed the human imagination, which in the past led to tales of gods, monsters and more? The artists in this exhibition bring the human sense of wonder back into sharp focus – blurring the line between fact and fiction. Discover new contemporary artists, and ask yourself: what do you see when looking at the stars?

Exhibiting artists include Stella Baraklianou, Vija Celmins, Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, Hondartza Fraga, Lia Halloran, Mishka Henner, Julia F. Hill, Risa Horowitz, Melanie King, Mark Lascelles-Thornton, Paul Magee and Thomas Ruff. This exhibition is guest curated by Hondartza Fraga, a visual artist living in Leeds. She is currently studying a Practice-led PhD at the School of Design at the University of Leeds with an award from the White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities.

Origin Of Silver
The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute

I am pleased to be participating in Origin Of Silver, a new project led by Oliver Raymond Barker in partnership with The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute and Falmouth University.

Lustrous, reflective, ductile, malleable, conductive, light sensitive…the unique properties of silver are used in a huge range of applications, from batteries to solar panels. ‘Origins of Silver’ is a research project that aims to unearth some of the complex histories and entangled networks of this precious metal, with a specific focus on its use in analogue photography. The upcoming collaboration between artist & lecturer Oliver Raymond Barker, Professor Karen Hudson-Edwards and Professor Nicola Whyte will build a platform for future research and pose questions around this most fascinating of elements. Five independent artists will also be contributing research ideas to the project – William Arnold, Edd Carr, Alice Cazenave, Melanie King & Guy Martin. To help facilitate this exciting collaboration Oliver Raymond Barker will be in residence in the ESI Creative Exchange studio space throughout April.

Find out more on The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute website.

Green Town

From 2-30 April, I will be exhibiting photographs from my ”Submerged Landscapes” series as part of the Green Town exhibition at Newcastle Common.

Beam Foto Club

From 1-4 April, I am showing a “Full Moon” print, created using caffenol (coffee) developer. The print is currently being exhibited at Beam Foto ClubFish Factory Arts, Penryn, Cornwall.

Cyanotype Workshop at MK Gallery

On 30 April 2022, I will be leading an in-person cyanotype workshop at MK Gallery in Milton Keynes. The cyanotype workshop is held in response to Ingrid Pollard’s solo exhibition “Carbon Slowly Turning”.

Lux et Libera, Auckland Festival of Photography

On 25 June 2022, I will be participating in the Lux et Libera panel discussion as part of Auckland Festival of Photography.The panel is organised by Dale Rio and is focused on women at the intersection of light and chemistry.

The panel will feature female-identifying artists working in film and alternative/historic process photography and whose work resonates with the festival theme “disruption.” These international artists disrupt the status quo of the art world, address concepts of disruption with their work, and embrace disruption of form and materiality. They represent a global movement of female photographers leading the way in alternative processes and experimenting with traditional techniques in new and exciting ways.

The discussion will take place via Zoom on Saturday, June 25th at 11am NZT (10pm UK, 5pm EST) and will include Dale Rio (USA), Anne Eder (USA), Rachel Guardiola (USA), Poppy Lekner (NZ/Aotearoa), Ella Morton (Canada), and myself. You can register on Dale’s website.

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This month on Patreon, I am offering a postcard featuring my Ramsgate Westcliff Seaweed Infrared Image. From April to July 2022, funds from Patreon will go towards my upcoming solo exhibition at Photofusion.


Ancient Light, Fibre-based Silver Gelatin Prints.
16x20” prints, exhibited at Unruly Encounters , Southwark Park Galleries in March 2022.

These prints can be purchased via the Land Art Agency.

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