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Pillars of Creation // CMYK Screen Print // A2

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"Pillars of Creation" CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) 4 Colour Screen Print.  This is from an edition of 20, and is signed by the artist. The print is A2 sized, equivalent to 42.0 x 59.4 cmArtwork is delivered in a wide cardboard tube. In the last two photographs, you can see the print in progress (before the black layer) and a close up of the dot matrix which you can observe when you view the print close up.

'Pillars of Creation’ is a photograph taken by the Hubble Telescope of interstellar gas and dust within the Eagle Nebula. The gas and dust are in the process of creating new stars, yet are also being destroyed by stars which exist nearby. These images were originally created by Zoltan Levy, the Imaging Group Lead at the Space Telescope Science Institute. This project follows on from the project Pillars of Creation, Lenticular Print, where I analyse the sophisticated image composite techniques used by NASA and the European Space Agency. Within these scientific institutions, layers of light frequencies and colours are combined to create one image. Here, I used the CMYK Screen Print process to replicate this image composite technique using the analogue CMYK screen printing method

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